Flora’s resolutions:
1. Stop letting your sister annoy you. Learn how to ignore the incessant noise that is Kate.
2. Stop flipping out. Start taking deep breaths. You’re not even in the double digits yet, and some things aren’t worthy of the drama.
3. Just do your homework. Okay?
4. That friend you have who won’t “let you” decide what to play or how to play it? You may not need her as a friend so much. I’m just saying.
5. Continue to delight in your brain, in your “odd thoughts”, in your difference. Enjoy it, sweetheart.

Kate’s resolutions:
1. Take a stab at being alone sometimes. Doesn’t have to be for a long time. But if I have to put M to bed, and your sister is in the shower, just… chill. Sit on the couch in the family room. Or hang out in your bedroom. Look at a book. I’ll be right back.
2. I understand your need for motion and sound. Just don’t use your need for motion and sound to annoy the crapsticks out of your sister — or me.
3. Remember that you are providing an example for your little brother, who loves and admires you. When you act up, he acts up. When you are calm, he is calm. You don’t have to be a perfect little lady, or a silent lump. Just remember, what you do is going to be echoed. Choose wisely.
4. For the love of all that is holy: please, please learn that a bad dream doesn’t mean jumping into bed with mommy and daddy. Come in, get a hug, let one of us bring you back to bed. Remember: you are safe.
5. Enjoy your energy. Learn to channel it into pep squad and creative endeavors at home. Use your powers for good!

Michael’s resolutions:
1. Learn to wear pants that aren’t sweatpants. I mean, I’m sorry, honey, but the meltdowns when all you have clean are jeans — your dad and I are OVER IT.
2. Stop hitting me, and stop pinching Flora. Just, NO, buddy.
3. Stop imitating Kate when she is being bad.
4. Understand that sometimes your older sisters don’t want you around. They want to play a board game themselves, or pretend with Littlest Pet Shops, or do arts and crafts. Come find me, and I’ll set you up with something of your very own to do.
5. Keep being my chatty little sweet boy. Keep giving me enthusiastic hugs and kisses, and climbing on my lap — maybe not so much when I’m eating. Keep growing into your sweetness.

Dan’s resolutions — HAHAHAHA. I’m not that dumb. Come see me, babe. We can talk about them. I will say, though: keep it up with the gym. Looking good!

If you could give your family New Year’s resolutions, what would they be?