What is a green lentil?
Lentils are a pulse an ancestor of the pea, which originated from Asia in Asia and North Africa. They’ve been eaten throughout human history from Neolithic times. Lentil is Latin means ‘lens’. these are named for the lentil’s round shape.

They are available in a variety of varieties, including brown, red, yellow, green, and black. The green lentils possess an earthy, nutty taste and a firm,’meaty’ texture. This makes them a great alternative to meat in cooking.

In all legumes and nuts of which there are many, hemp and soy beans contain more proteins than the lentils. They are iron-richand high in fibre , and green lentils have higher levels of fiber than red and are low in fat. They’re a good source of calcium that strengthens bones folate to support heart health, and brain-boosting vitamin B.

Lentils should be stored in a dry, cool space away from direct sunlight, and in a sealed container.

How do I make green lentils?
Although some lentils are utilized because of their ability to break down in cooking, the green lentils keep their shape. This makes them great to use in hearty stews, salads as well as in stuffed vegetables. They’re an excellent accompaniment to rice dishes and delicious in lasagnes that are meat-free or moussaka.

They are also sprouted. In India lentil sprouts are offered to temples for offerings. In this manner they have all the amino acids essential to human life.

There is no requirement to soak green lentils, but it can reduce the time they cook. In any situation, they must be cleaned prior to boiling one-third lentils to three parts water for forty minutes or until they are tender.