India is a nation, where you will experience a few societies and foods. It is said that even the flavor of water changes each couple of kilometers. You can observe a ton of dishes relying upon your inclinations. One such dish is Egg Halwa or ordinarily known as Anday Ka Halwa. It’s a delicate finished halwa formula that will right away dissolve in your mouth. It’s an exceptional sweet formula that you can undoubtedly attempt at home and brain you, it is astonishing to the point that you couldn’t want anything more than to make it over and over. This sweet formula for exceptional events and is a treat for some. All you really want to set up this halwa is: Eggs, full cream milk, sugar, cashews, ghee, saffron and green cardamom powder. This is an inventive pastry formula that can be ready to regard somebody unique also. You can give it a shot on potlucks, commemorations, kitty party and Buffets. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Attempt this tasty treat formula and appreciate with your friends and family.

Step by step instructions to make Egg Halwa
Stage 1 Soak and mix cashews
To set up this incredibly flavorful yet exceptional treat formula, absorb the cashews water for about 30 minutes. This is done so the cashews are delicate and effectively made into a glue to imbue the flavor in halwa. Else, the flavor of eggs will overwhelm every one of the fixings. Subsequent to drenching the cashews, mix them together to make a fine glue and keep to the side until required. Additionally, absorb saffron 1-2 teaspoons of milk and raisins in a little water for decorating reason.

Stage 2 Prepare khoya
Put a profound lined skillet over medium fire and add milk to it. Allow it to bubble and stew for some time on a low-medium fire, and mix between with the goal that the milk doesn’t adhere to the base. When the khoya is ready, switch off the fire and keep it to the side.

Stage 3 Mix eggs and cashew combination
Presently, put an enormous kadhai over medium fire and add khoya in it alongside cashew glue, and sugar. Mix and blend well every one of the fixings. Presently, take an enormous bowl and air out the eggs in it. Take an electric hair and whisk the eggs to make them foamy. Add this foamy egg blend in the kadhai and mix to blend well every one of the fixings.

Stage 4 Prepare the halwa
Presently, put another profound lined dish over the low-medium fire and soften ghee in it. When the ghee is adequately hot, add the egg and khoya blend in it and cook for around 10 minutes. Mix constantly so it doesn’t adhere to the base. Following 10 minutes, switch off the fire. Embellish with hacked cashews and raisins.

Stage 5 Garnish and serve
Once the halwa is ready, add cardamom powder alongside saffron milk. Blend well and trimming in with splashed raisins and slashed cashews. Serve hot. Ensure you attempt this unconventional halwa formula, rate it and let us in on how it ended up being.

Elements of Egg Halwa

  • 10 egg
  • 2 cup sugar
  • 2 1/2 cup ghee
  • water as required
  • 2 liter full cream milk
  • 2 cup cashews
  • 2 runs saffron

For Garnishing

  • 3 tablespoon raisins
  • 1 modest bunch cashews
  • 2 tablespoon green cardamom