Hankering for a wicked treat however don’t have any desire to enjoy the standard ones? Attempt this delectable Pineapple Cream dessert that you can make at home with only 3 fixings. To make this simple treat, you simply need pineapple, cream and sugar. That is all there is to it! The cook time for Pineapple is 30 minutes, while it will require around 10 minutes, in cleaving and preparing the pineapple. On the off chance that you are a pineapple sweetheart, you want to add this treat to your rundown. Be it children or grown-ups, everybody will cherish this formula without a doubt. You can serve Pineapple Cream at kitty parties, birthday celebrations, buffet or even take more time for potluck. To make the cream thicker, you can blend around 1/4 cup of cashew powder with the cream. This will give the cream a rich surface and will likewise hoist the kinds of the treat. You can likewise add grapes, pomegranate and raisins to the formula and give it your own customized touch. On the off chance that you love evaluating various plans at home, you known now what to attempt straightaway. Do attempt this formula, rate it and let us in on how it ended up being by leaving a remark in the segment underneath. Blissful Cooking!

Elements of Pineapple Cream

1 little pineapple
200 ml new cream
1/2 cup sugar

Stage 1 Chop the pineapple
Strip the pineapple appropriately, eliminate the thistles and jump the pineapple into little 3D shapes. Gather them in a bowl.

Stage 2 Cook the pineapple
Add pineapple shapes to a container alongside sugar. Give a blend and keep on medium hotness. Sooner or later, the sugar will deliver water. Cook it for 30 minutes or until the blend turns thick and all the fluid is ingested. Now, the pineapple 3D squares will become glazy.

Stage 3 Mix with cream
Allow the combination to chill off a little and blend chilled cream in with it.

Stage 4 Ready to be serve
Empty the pastry into serving bowls and serve. Appreciate!

You can likewise add a few additional organic products like pomegranate, grapes and so forth to make the organic product cream more delectable.